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Depression and Anxiety

Our deepest and most painful wounds were caused in past or present relationships. The isolation and hopelessness of depression, and the distress and dread of anxiety stem from relationships and traumas we haven’t been able to heal. The therapeutic container provides a new relationship with new experiences that can open to a new way of being. 

Depression and Anxiety


Substance use is widely understood to be a surface problem, with pain, trauma, and distress at the root. Addiction counselling includes addressing the suffering that leads to substance use, while at the same time working to stop the deeply ingrained habits. This approach combines in-depth psychotherapy with utilizing detox, rehab and treatment centres, and 12-step or SMART Recovery groups all available in the lower mainland. 

Addictions and Substance Use


Trauma happens in relationship. Whether it is abuse, neglect, or even accidents, the strength of our connections greatly affect our capacity to move forward. Therapy for trauma begins with establishing a strong and reliable trusting relationship, which serves as a container for the memories to be brought forth, and processed by finding new pathways through life.


Eating Disorders (ED)

Disordered eating is currently treated primarily in groups or residential programs. My experience working at the Vancouver Eating Disorders Program made me sensitive to the specific needs and behaviours of clients with disordered eating. Private therapy can be a great adjunct to other forms of treatment in treating past or present traumas, reduce behaviours, and curb other symptoms like substance use.

Eating Disorders

Empowering Men

Therapy with young men involves mentorship, radical encouragement, and consciously co-creating masculinity for our present age. Working through past struggles and traumas will lead to the possibility of finding meaning and direction in life, and as men we can hold each other accountable for our actions and relationships. This can mean in-depth psychotherapy, solution-focused counselling, and goal-oriented exploration and empowerment.


Young Men

Non-Ordinary States Integration

Exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness (e.g. meditation, breathwork, psychedelics, trance states) are shown to have the potential for profound healing and transformation, and they can also pose serious risk if approached recklessly. I invoke my professional and academic knowledge and experience to reduce harm and risk, and optimize the benefits to clients who embarked on their own journeys. Check out our monthly integration group: IDEAS Vancouver.


Non-Ordinary States

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