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At the heart of relational therapy is the belief that problems lie between you and others and not within you. Exploring how you relate in the present can cause lasting changes for your relationships with loved ones, your family, and the world.

Through compassionate and honest conversation about the difficult truths of your life, you may find relief from trauma, feelings of empowerment, and new strategies for dealing with conflict. In this calm, grounded, and safe space you can finally give voice to what needs to be said, and feel completely and non-judgmentally heard and accepted.

This approach can be helpful if you:

  • Feel overwhelmed by depression or anxiety

  • Suffered trauma or abuse in the past, or are currently suffering

  • Struggle with relationships and family problems

  • Experienced episodes of mental illness or hospitalization due to psychosis, OCD, or disordered eating

  • Are a man who strives to find his purpose and develop a healthy sense of masculinity in today’s world

  • Have problematic substance use habits, or are looking to integrate experiences with psychedelics




My lineage in therapy comes from the radical person-centred approach of R.D. Laing, Sheldon Kopp, and many others who trust in the healing power of connection. I am also inspired by the psychoanalytic lens of Winnicott, Bion, and others. The sessions often involve brief therapeutic and solution-focused approaches to move towards change and efficient problem-solving.

In my work with couples and families I source from Relational Life Therapy by Terry Real, and Carl Whitaker’s approach in unabashedly speaking the truth and lifting up the oppressed.

As a lifelong Zen practitioner and mindfulness facilitator, I invoke body-based and meditative approaches. This can include guided meditation, coping strategies using breath and awareness, and using mindfulness to make peace with the present moment.

About Me

I decided to become a therapist in my adolescence because I believed that I can find more truth, connection, and personal power if I find ways to communicate better, and stand up for myself and those who don’t have a voice. 

Immigrating from Hungary at age 19 I started my own therapy and apprenticeship to develop into a practitioner who works from a place of integrity. Throughout years of doing my own inner work and learning from teachers and mentors of many modalities, I understood what it’s like to be in the client’s chair. I live my life based on the way I work: compassion and radical honesty in relationships are paramount and non-negotiable for me.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor in good standing with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors, covered by most extended health providers. I am also registered with ICBC as a vendor.



Aron is a thoughtful, intelligent and extensively trained therapist. He is candid, authentic and creative in his work and I am happy to recommend him and his advanced skill in supporting those seeking greater understanding in their lives.

Charlotte Jackson

RCC, Clinical Supervisor, Phase III therapist with the MAPS MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD clinical trial in Vancouver, BC.


Áron is a psychotherapist I would refer people to, because he’s earnest, compassionate, playful and skilled. At my age I can only work with people short-term. I count on Áron for long-term therapy. He’s young and committed.


Andrew Feldmár


Honorary Life Member of the

Canadian Psychological Association

Avraham Cohen RCC CCC.jpg

Aron has an ability to see the bigger picture, think outside the usual boxes, and take well calculated and thoughtful risks as a therapist and as a human being. I have referred clients to him, and will continue to do so.

Avraham Cohen, Ph.D., R.C.C., C.C.C.

Private Practice Psychotherapy and Counselling, Supervision

Organizational & Leadership Consulting

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Love lets the other be, but with affection         and concern.

R.D. Laing       

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